-- the effects new communication technologies have on your life --


-- The Net: Predictions and Promises --
A brief analysis of how visionary Vannevar Bush's writing predicts the World Wide Web 50 years before it came to be. The article explicates how Dertouzos later builds upon Bush's thinking, and looks at whether or not all this matters by asking, "Do communication technologies improve the human condition?"

-- E-Communication --
This piece looks at the ways in which e-commerce depends on effective communication in order to succeed.

-- Convergence: Traditional Media to Feed from the Net --
In a post-net age, it has been suggested that television, news publications and other established media elements will have to change their methods of production and distribution in order to compete (or unite) with an increasingly connected and interactive media environment.

-- Sci-Fi Cinema's Influence on Real-World Innovation --
This article seeks to explore cause and effect relationships between science fiction and scientific reality from a technological determinist's perspective.

-- Adoption Rates of Media Technologies Over Time --
Written during the height of the Net's adoption curve in the late 90s, this article takes a step back to see how the adoption of media technologies by masses takes place at dramatically increased rates now than in eras past.

-- Computer Mediated Communication in the 90s --
This article aims to identify factors that may have led to the shift during the 1990s toward CMC in developed countries. Although brief, the essay makes note of technological, social, political and psychological elements of this argument.

-- Publishing's Paperless Prospects --
While not suggesting for a second that print publishing will ever be phased out in its entirety, this essay delves into the growing popularity of electronic publishing as an alternative to those methods based on dead trees.

-- Video Games as Communication --
Whether online or on a CD, on the computer or on television, videogames represent one of the largest entertainment industries. Moreover, they present a forum for communication. This article seeks to defend the notion that videogames are communication - and a powerful form at that.

-- The Death of Distance --
Two major transformations to the telephone have occurred in the past two decades according to Cairncross: Increased carrying capacity and mobility. As Gilder would note, the latter is a move "From Wires to Waves." Cairncross maintains that the telecommunications revolution has brought about "the death of distance." This piece argues in favor of the view that the tyranny of distance is eroding as communication technologies improve.

-- Remotely Organised --
This article looks at what barriers to effective communication contemporary organisations face as a result of operating remotely through communication technologies.

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